Patch, Effect and Percussion Collection For Apple's Logic Pro



This patch and percussion collection was designed from the ground-up with one goal firmly in mind- deliver inspiring new sounds with massive realtime control! Not only does every patch sound and play great right away, but those knobs and sliders on your MIDI controller will now be put to their best use yet!


•-Fifty Professional Quality Synth Patches With Effects- Detailed pads, deep synth basses, expressive leads, insane sound effects and much, much more! REAL_CONTROL sounds call on Logic's flexibility to match and surpass the sonic worth of the best hardware synthesizers.

•-Eleven Completely New Drum Kits- These hyper-realistic drum kits are all based on brand-new, 24-bit, stereo samples. D.E.C.S. techniques are used to deliver an amazingly real performance experience. Every sound changes and responds with subtle detail to your playing style.

Detailed Documentation- Includes an extensive PDF manual with separate pages dedicated to each sound, helping you make the most of this collection's unique realtime controls.

•-Extensive Real-Time Control- Every synth patch features seven or more sound-shaping controller assignments, each carefully designed and real-world tested to deliver maximum sonic impact and sound-shaping power.

•-A Complete Package- Every sound comes configured with carefully crafted effects, making it 100% ready for pro-studio use.