Percussion Collection One-

Land Of Lemuria



Welcome to Lemuria, the land of exotic percussion!

This package provides 96 completely original, pro-quality percussion voices in EXS24-compatible format. Unlike any other sample collection, these instruments use new the D.E.C.S (Discrete Element Combinatorial Synthesis) technique to deliver amazingly life-like playability and sound to your productions.

Instead of simply providing new versions of sounds which most musicians already have, Land Of Lemuria delivers completely new, inspiring instruments, not the ho-hum rehash which litters so many other collections.

Here you'll find tremendous tribal drums alongside exotic bells, cymbals, shakers, hand drums and a huge amount more. All shimmering with detail, responding with subtle difference to your touch. Never to be quickly pinned down or easily categorized, Land Of Lemuria contains exotic instruments which appear completely real, but have origins in a fantastic land, all of their own.