Studio Production Collection

For Logic Pro



The Studio Production Collection from Orwell Digital takes Apple's Logic Pro to the next stage of professional power in sonic composition. Delivering over 128 completely new channel presets, this library provides everything needed to super-charge productions in a vast selection of contemporary styles.

The focus during development was always on delivering sounds which are sonically effective, while also being intensely expressive to play. Each preset has been almost endlessly refined to provide an unquestionably professional performance experience on par with today's finest external hardware synthesizers.

The included sounds range from highly-realistic bass simulations created using Logic's EVD6 synthesizer to wildly futuristic, highly-animated soundscapes. Real-time modulation control has been fully implemented so as to provide users with great expressive possibilities. Full, record-ready effect chains are an integrated part of each preset, greatly reducing the amount of work needed by composers on the road to professional results.